Wampus Cat Sightings Have Blacktip Island Residents On Edge

wampus cat

A footprint of the alleged wampus cat, near the Last Ballyhoo bar on blacktip Island’s southern tip. (photo courtesy of manu2548)

Multiple wampus cat sightings on Blacktip Island have residents worried, and forced authorities Thursday to issue a public safety warning concerning the creature.

“Not exactly sure what we’re dealing with, but, judging by the footprints, it’s big,” Island Police Constable Rafe Marquette said. “Look like cat tracks, but I’ve never seen anything bigger than a feral cat on Blacktip.

“Folks are reporting a big cat-looking critter more and more often, down south by the Last Ballyhoo,” Marquette said. “We’re asking all residents to be cautious, especially in that area. If you have to go out at night, always travel in groups of at least two people. And bring two sticks to knock together.”

Long-time residents were the first to find the animal’s tracks.

“I was poking around on the bluff, looking for mango trees, when I saw the first track,” Eagle Ray Cove manager, former-Reverend Jerrod Ephesians said. “It looked like a cat print, but the size of my hand. And fresh. I thought, ‘Holly hell! That’s from a wampus cat!’ You can bet I high-tailed it out of there.

“There’s always been weird animal noises in the bush down that way,” Ephesians said. “And there’s always been wampus cat tales. I’ve never heard of one attacking people, but I’m not taking any chances. I’m carrying a machete any time I’m down that way.”

Other locals claim to have seen the creature.

“I was driving back from the Ballyhoo Saturday night when I saw it in the road just ahead of me,” Payne Hanover said. “It paused, gave me a toothy roar, then bounded into the bushes. It was a minute or so before I could drive off, I was shaking so bad.

“There’s been pet food and laundry going missing down there, too,” Ephesians said. “With a mouth full of teeth like that, it’s got to be a danger to people. And pets. You hear about things like this, but you never think you’ll see them. There’s been rumors, and now we have proof.”

Some in the community doubt the reports.

“There is absolutely zero evidence of anything that big living anywhere on the island,” Tiperon University-Blacktip genetics professor Vera Cuda said. “A carnivore that large? What does it eat and where does it poop? This is just another crypto megafauna hoax. I mean, if Jerrod and Payne are the ones reporting sightings, I know it’s bogus.”

However, long-time residents confirmed the creature’s existence.

“That wampus cat’s real, and a terror,” shopkeeper Peachy Bottoms said. “Got my great-uncle Cooter and his son Bell, back in the ‘30s. That was a bad time. I seen it again last week. We got to be proactive in getting rid of it.

“Grandpa used torches, a grappling hook and Old Spice back then,” Bottoms said. “Kept it away for 50, 60 years. If this is the same one. It’ll be lurking up on the bluff. We’ll smoke it out, though.”

Meanwhile, Eagle Ray Cove has launched a wampus cat tourism initiative.

“We’re doing wampus cat identification courses, and running wampus cat safaris,” Ephesians said. “We’re also selling wampus cat shirts and hats, and have a new Cat Scratch Fever cocktail at the bar. Our guests are eating this stuff up.”

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