Blacktip Island High School Reunion Highlights Weekend

BI HS reunion

Coconuts have been gathered for the charity coconut toss—one of the events to be featured at Blacktip Island High School’s inaugural reunion this weekend. (photo courtesy of Ravi Dwivedi)

Blacktip Island High School alumni will gather at the Sand Spit bar this Saturday and Sunday for the school’s inaugural reunion, event organizers said.

“We’ve never had a reunion, so we thought it’s time we had one,” reunion chair Doris Blenny said. “BIHS doesn’t graduate students every year, or even every other year, so we decided to have a general reunion for everyone and not worry so much about the years and classes and such.

“It should be fun to see where all the old classmates are now, what they’re up to,” Blenny said. “I’m hoping all six show up. So far, we have confirmations from Rosie Bottoms, James Conlee and Linford Blenny, so our fingers are crossed. It should be a hoot.”

Organizers have a full schedule of events planned.

“Things kick off with a Friday evening cocktail mixer—or as we usually call it, ‘Friday night,’” Rosie Bottoms said. “We’re doing name tags with old school-days photos to make it even more painful. We had to use a teenage-years jail mugshot for cousin Dermott, but that helps bring back so many memories.

“We’ll also have a Jog That Memory game, a charity coconut toss and a beach cookout,” Bottoms said. “Saturday we’ll all watch the school’s dominoes team in action versus our arch rivals, those rat bastards from Tiperon High. We were going to do speeches, too, but that could get people hurt, especially after the cocktail mixer.”

Most attendees embraced the event.

“Be fun reliving the old days,” James Conlee said. “Me and Goldie Goby, we was always skipping class. But there were only so many places we could go, so we always got caught. Probly sneak out of this reunion, too, for old times’ sake. Don’t remember any classes—far as I know, school’s still never had anyone on its honor roll.”

Others vowed to stay away.

“Why in the world would anyone want to relive high school?” Ginger Bass said. “If I wanted that kind of torture, I’d just whack myself in the head with a hammer. Repeatedly. If folks drifted apart and never reconnected in all these years, there’s a reason for that. Best to let sleeping former classmates lie.”

The reunion will conclude with all alumni performing as the school marching band at the island’s Heritage House. Instruments will be issued randomly to all attendees.

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