Blacktip Times Launches Inaugural Issue

Thanks to generous donations from Skerritt Construction and the Divemaster’s Local #138, The Blacktip Times community news journal has become a reality.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Times editor and publisher Samson Post said. “This island’s needed a voice for years, something to really anchor our community, but the devil’s always been in the financial details.

“It feels good to finally get everything tied off. Blacktip is one of the best tropical islands around, with a lot more going for it than just beaches and margaritas and scuba diving. We aim to let folks know that.”

The Blacktip Times will be published weekly, and will focus on island news, business, entertainment and sports, Post said.

“Our goal is to provide fair and objective coverage of the community, for the community, from the Pinnacle to Mango Sound, from Spider Bight to Eagle Ray Cove,” Post said.

“We won’t play favorites, whether we’re covering our best friend or our biggest financer. If we ruffle some feathers in the process, well, that’s an inescapable part of quality journalism. We’re going to cover this island like a Cat 5 storm surge, leaving no stone unturned.”

Post also stressed the need for Blacktip Island’s 100 or so residents to be involved in the newsgathering process.

“If you see news happening, call or text our news hotline,” Post said. “There’s not many people here, but if we can find enough happening, we’ll make the paper a daily.”

The Times is one of a growing number of Caribbean island community newspapers being published in electronic-only format.

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  1. Chrissy Graysby

    What great news!!! I’ve been looking for a way to keep in touch with the island folk since I spent my diving vacation on the island. Looking forward to hearing about all the locals and current events. Congratulations on the launch of the paper!

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